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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Why Newt Gingrich can't win the General Election

Why Newt Gingrich Can’t win the General Election.

I live in South Carolina, South Carolina with just a week before primary season begins is leaning toward Newt Gingrich. If South Carolina falls to Newt it will be a grave error by South Carolinian voters. If the GOP really wants someone who can beat Obama, like Governor Nikki Haley discussed then voting for Newt is a wasted vote.

#1 Reason Newt can’t win a General Election is because he doesn’t have support in key swing states. Virginia which is a Red state went to Obama in 2008 and would likely go to Obama again in 2012 despite the GOP sweeping the state in the 2010 election. Why, because Newt couldn’t get enough signatures to get on the GOP primary ballot. Guess what state Newt is from, Virginia. That is right, just like Al Gore in 2000 couldn’t win his home state (which would have given him the presidency over Bush) it is unlikely Newt could win his home state.

#2 Reason Gingrich can’t win a General Election is he doesn’t have the infrastructure to run a national campaign. He is barely qualifying for Primaries.

#3 Reason Newt can’t win a General Elections is the GOP base is Independents won’t vote for him. Ron Paul actually performs 2% better than Newt in a General Election and this is primarily due to strong support by Independents for Ron Paul according to recent Gallup poll numbers.

#4 Newt Gingrich was in bed with Freddie Mac. While Freddie Mac took the American Tax Payer for millions and destroyed trillions in wealth, Newt took them for more than 1.5 million dollars. Basically the American Tax Payer padded Newts pockets to the tune of 1.6-1.8 million.

# 5 Reason Newt Gingrich can’t win is his infidelity. At least President Obama has had 1 wife and is loyal to her. Gingrich couldn’t even run his own house hold not once, but twice. While condemning President Clinton for his out of marriage exploits (and aren’t he and his wife still married Newt was busy, getting busy, without reconciliation or sorrow.

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