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Friday, September 14, 2012

The dust has settled on QE3

Ben has explained that he is hoping to reduce interest rates on housing, to make them more affordable.


Didn't we get in this mess by people buying houses more than they were worth becuase of government loan programs that allowed consumers to buy houses that they could afford, thus drying up supply and increasing prices.

Since last time we tried something like this it sent our economy into the worst recession since the great depression, I'm sure it won't do the same thing again.  Actually it won't because QE won't work, it hasn't worked and it is a failed economic philosophy. 

On the side note, if you love to pay more for gas.  QE is working great!  Crude Oil hits 4 month high.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fed launches QE3

QE 3 Announced

*Not my Picture

The Rich will get Richer!  The poor will stay poor, and the middle class will become poor!  Whoops, that is not what the Fed is telling us will happen.  However if you will just take a moment to look at what has happened in other countries that have tried that and what is happening in our grociery stores and at our gas pumps you will see that QE3 does nothing, but help the rich bankers, get richer.

*Update has an article that I can not access, showing that the US median income is the lowest it has been since 1995.


Why are we going to war with Iran?  They haven’t invaded a country since before we were officially a country.  They have allegedly help fund terrorist, but that shouldn’t cause the US to take another 1 Trillion in debt.

So why will our government invade Iran, no matter who wins the elections, by the end of 2014?  Because Iran is selling oil to other countries in currency other than the US dollar.  The same thing Iraq did before we invaded them.

I don’t know if WW III is coming, but if it does – it will likely be over protecting our fiat currency (monopoly money).

Monday, September 10, 2012

What is causing Cancer at 9/11 sites?

Fox News Report more people are eligible for aid. I'm wondering what from a building and a plane crash would cause cancer.  It does seem like a high number to have got cancer. 

We don't do our job, give us more money

Teacher Unions are striking in Chicago.  They are mad they were only going to get a 16% raise after already being the highest paid teachers in the countries.
However, by even the government strick guidelines (not) they are basically useless as
Most students unable to read or do math.

Perhaps the students will learn more while wandering the streets, while a pro union government negotiate with a strong TU and morgtage those children future, a future where they won't be able to read about the prosperty America once earned, not lost.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Who will put us in Chains?

Does either party have a presidential candiate that cares about you?  You decide.

Vice President Biden had a large gaff as he said Mitt Romney will, “put y’all back in chains,” when addressing a large crowd (at least large for the VP).  Then this week the DNC runs this ad: – stating that we “all belong to the government”.

Last I checked this was supposed to be a free country, but if the Democrats think we all belong to the government, I guess it should be no surprise they want to put us in chains – not the other way around.  At best they think they have the right to put us in chains.  Of course, and rightly so, the democrats will say this was taken out of context, just like “You didn’t build that” was taken out of context.  However, writers use words much more intentionally then the rest of us, these saying were written with a purpose. “You Didn’t Build That” was when Obama went off his teleprompter for once and spoke from his heart.

While the Democrats basically try and give this election away, the GOP must be having a ball and cruising to an easy win over an incumbent that has done nothing to better the American way of life – excluding his homebrew recipe.

Meanwhile in the GOP tent the grass roots supporters who were able to get elected against all odds were told they “are not needed and either need to toe the line or get out”.  Should the Tea Party vote for Romney?  Maybe, should they spend any recourse or time to do so?  I’d say no.  Time is better spent electing local leaders who believe in small government and congressmen that believe in small government.  The Virginia Tea Party seems to agree.

So we have Liberals unifying behind: You didn’t build that, you must buy this product or get fined, you all belong to the government and have no reference of God in their platform.  The GOP has kicked out their hardest working supporters.  In the end, we don’t know if either party want to be president over the next four years, and anyone who can see the financial cliff approaching understands why, and we already know who has won this November, lobbyist of big business.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pay Stubs

Every other week my company pays its employees.  At that time we must print a pay stub and give to them.  This adds about an hour to our time processing our pay and upto $0.75 per employee.  I'd say 50-75% of them never look at it and it goes directly into the trash can.

Are they allowed to opt out from recieving them?  No!  I don't look at mine, and if I did want it I would just look at it on the cloud or ask to see the newest one.

Employees should be allowed to opt out of receving the paystub.  So much wasted time, I can't imagine the cost to a large company.  I'd estimate we spend $100 a month on it.  To a small business - those numbers add up quick.

Monday, September 3, 2012

TSA to test drinks... you buy inside terminal.

Now you can't bring you own water in, and if you buy one, well the TSA may test it.  Could the government just be trying to determine how much freedom we will give them before their is backlash?

How much extra in taxes will this cost us?