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Monday, December 5, 2011

Race to Nowhere

“Children are souls to be nurtured, not products to be measured” Leigh Bortins. Reminds us of how education used to be viewed. Today industrialized education system treats students as a product moving down a conveyor line. Ok someone add in the “math”, oh no that was missed, move that person to the “can’t do math” assembly line and throw in some extra reading. The Federal governments own studies show that out of a 1hr class only 15 minutes is actual “educating” time. Some easy math shows that if you educate the entire time, you can be done with school in 1.5 hours + the time to do homework. No wonder we are on a “race to nowhere”

New Movie talk about our public education as a “Race to nowhere.”
Abeles admits that she was initially the kind of mom who fretted when her daughter brought home a "B" on a test and who busily whisked her children from school to violin lessons to sporting events to provide them with extras she didn't have as a child. But that changed after she found one of her daughters doubled over with stomach pains while trying to pull an all-nighter doing homework.
Doctors said Shelby's stomach aches were stress-related. In the film, Abeles shows how her children and others across the United States are growing up trying to be great at everything so they can get into the best colleges.

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