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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

You might be Voting for Santorum if…

You believe that the US trained and armed the Taliban to over throw the USSR, or as Bin Laden put it – get their troops off their holy land, and it was good, but that he attacked America because he hates Christians and not because he wanted us to get our troops off their holy land.

You agree with Santorum, as do I, that he believes that the Church’s job is to take care of the poor - while donating a measly 3% to his church, but won’t vote for Romney who gives 10% to his.

You believe Iran, whose not started a war since before Jesus, doesn’t have enough gas to send its battle ships across the ocean, can’t send a missile more than 70 miles away is a looming danger to America, but the 1 trillion more we would go in debt to fight them wouldn’t matter.

You are willing to overlook that Santorum is a Catholic who can’t win the Catholic vote over a Mormon, but think he can Beat Obama who handily won the Catholic vote in 2008 and would likely do so again.

That Santorum can beat Obama without the Independent vote and the young vote which make up for well over 30% of the electorate, but Ron Paul can’t while soundly taking the Independent vote and the young vote from Obama.

That Pro Life applies to unborn babies, but not to any country whose politics or religion you don’t agree with.

You get mad that Iran will kill a Christian Pastor, but holding prisoners without trial and killing Muslims is completely okay.

You aren’t voting for Santorum, but you would if he had been able to get on your states GOP primary ballet.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

CNN Arizona Debate

CNN Arizona Debate
So who were the winners and losers?

Santorum –
He got beat up badly, mostly from Ron Paul and Mitt Romney. Any chance he would solidify his momentum to a GOP win was lost. His lack of consistency and beliefs were apparent. He defended his vote for NCLB by saying he was voting with the “team” this was a key spot where we all wish John King would have used that age old questions “if President Bush jumped off a bridge would you do it to?” Alas he was much more respectful. Santorum says he will cut a Trillion a year the first 5 years – you know the same thing Ron Paul has been saying the whole thing.

Gingrich –
Gingrich had a good debate, but not a great one. Normally he would have been a winner, in fact many news groups are reporting he was the winner, but this debate effectively ended any chance he had at winning the nomination. He has no money (unless you count his super pac backed by a single Billionaire) and now has no chance. He needed an excellent debate in order to carry himself to wins like he did in South Carolina. He also answered about half the questions with: “I agree with Ron Paul.”

Winners :

Mitt Romney –
If only because Santorum did so poorly and Newt did nothing to move him back into the media’s top tier. He was steady and did a good job defending his record. It is now a race between him and Ron Paul, which if you are following the election you’ve known since New Hampshire.

Ron Paul –
His best spot was after the debate when CNN confirmed his statement that he is #2 in Delegate count – which is how you win the GOP presidential nomination. Newt Gingrich started many of his answers with “I agree with Ron Paul” and the other candidates again failed to attack him. Ron Paul did so well that many of the mainstream media called him a “winner” although they continue to discount his chances.