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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Paul Ryan courts Ron Paul Grass Roots Activist

The Daily Caller picked up on a TV plea from Paul Ryan indicating him and Paul are "friends" and see "eye to eye" on a lot of issues.

I can tell you I am personally friends with a lot of people whose politics I disagree with and respect a lot of those people too.  So I don't think being friends with the person that one supported is qualification for me, at least, to vote for you.

While Paul Ryan may claim to see "eye to eye" with the good congressman, he certainly doesn't vote like it.  He voted for TARP (about $1 Trillion dollars down the drain), voted for NDAA, and voted for big government over free markets many times.

His budget doesn't balance for 30-40 years (and we are supposed to believe congress in 30 years will follow his plan).  To be fair Obama can't get even 1 democrat to vote for his budget.  Not even Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi.

Those of us who a true republicans, constituonal conservatives, must hold our leaderships feet to the fire and make sure they are representing us.  They haven't.  We have done a good job electing tea party and libertarian leading leaders locally and we must continue to do that.  I'm not supporting our presidential canadiate, and I won't vote for Obama.  Be sure I'll be giving money and time to the GOP who cares about America and limited government, I suggest you do the same.  If we build from the bottom up, America will be much better off than trying to build from the top down.  Trickle down economics works, trickle down politics do not.