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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Simple explanation of Ron Pauls views on military bases overseas

Here is a simple explanation of Ron Paul’s view on military bases overseas.

This is how I think of it, it is probably not quite what Ron Paul believes, but this is a simple explanation.

After World War II we fought a cold war against USSR. It took a long time to move troops and missiles didn’t go very far. So to keep world peace we needed strategic missiles as close to the USSR as possible.

Fast forward to today. Missiles travel across the world in minutes. The USSR and communism has been defeated. No one is trying to take over the world. Countries that are against us are small and run by dictators who have been in power a long time and whose one goal is to keep power until they die in peace in old age like King Jong Il.

So Ron Paul wants to bring our troops home.

Imagine that someone doesn’t like your neighbor, so he comes to your house and stays in your guest bedroom he pays you for the room. He spies on your neighbor all day and upsets them. You didn’t have a problem with them. Then he ignores your house rules. However you can’t legally kick him out. What do you do? How do you feel?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Why Newt Gingrich can't win the General Election

Why Newt Gingrich Can’t win the General Election.

I live in South Carolina, South Carolina with just a week before primary season begins is leaning toward Newt Gingrich. If South Carolina falls to Newt it will be a grave error by South Carolinian voters. If the GOP really wants someone who can beat Obama, like Governor Nikki Haley discussed then voting for Newt is a wasted vote.

#1 Reason Newt can’t win a General Election is because he doesn’t have support in key swing states. Virginia which is a Red state went to Obama in 2008 and would likely go to Obama again in 2012 despite the GOP sweeping the state in the 2010 election. Why, because Newt couldn’t get enough signatures to get on the GOP primary ballot. Guess what state Newt is from, Virginia. That is right, just like Al Gore in 2000 couldn’t win his home state (which would have given him the presidency over Bush) it is unlikely Newt could win his home state.

#2 Reason Gingrich can’t win a General Election is he doesn’t have the infrastructure to run a national campaign. He is barely qualifying for Primaries.

#3 Reason Newt can’t win a General Elections is the GOP base is Independents won’t vote for him. Ron Paul actually performs 2% better than Newt in a General Election and this is primarily due to strong support by Independents for Ron Paul according to recent Gallup poll numbers.

#4 Newt Gingrich was in bed with Freddie Mac. While Freddie Mac took the American Tax Payer for millions and destroyed trillions in wealth, Newt took them for more than 1.5 million dollars. Basically the American Tax Payer padded Newts pockets to the tune of 1.6-1.8 million.

# 5 Reason Newt Gingrich can’t win is his infidelity. At least President Obama has had 1 wife and is loyal to her. Gingrich couldn’t even run his own house hold not once, but twice. While condemning President Clinton for his out of marriage exploits (and aren’t he and his wife still married Newt was busy, getting busy, without reconciliation or sorrow.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

QR Codes

What is this bar code? It is a QR (Quick Read) Code!

I recently read an article that said QR codes aren’t catching on, other than marketers and alleged the QR code was dying before it was ever accepted. I disagree, it is a new technology, it will take a while to catch on. Yes, there are potential issues with the codes, but I believe the main reason is that people still don’t understand them.

So what are QR codes? If you have a smart phone and an app to read the bar code you can get information on a product with a quick scan. A marketing person will create a link that the code represents and when you scan it your phone will go to that website or youtube video or contact information.

The main issue is that current phones camera does not function as a scanner. You have to have a free app. So the consumer has to take the initiative to download the scanner. Marketers have to provided quality information so that people will scan the information.

So what are some quality ways that QR codes are used? My company uses them to show product uses and sign people up for email list.

Food companies may send you to a recipe page or how they are using local produce. The Wounded Warrior project and Hines Ketchup have teamed up to promote donating to Wounded Warriors.

QR codes do have a future in marketing, but only if marketers use them correctly. Another way to make them more prevalent is if Phone companies build in scan ability into their cameras.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Not everyone sucking off the tax payer teet

One way to help rein in Federal spending is to not accept it. Local media and TU are trying to paint Superintendent Mick Zais decision for freedom as opposed to Federal tyranny as a poor one. Tea Party and freedom fighters and Occupy Wall Street all should be congratulating him. If everyone was doing this we could balance the budget by the end of 2012.

If you take Federal government money you are admitting you are so stupid you can’t figure something out without robbing your neighbors. Zais is working on figuring it out without stealing.

One State Board of Education and Superintendent Mick Zais has got it right when it comes to accepting Federal money “because he thought too many strings were attached to the funding.”

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The NY Times discusses the Federal Governments role in education. My favorite quote comes from the end of the article : “Since decades of research it clear that what matters for evaluating employees or turning around schools is how well you do it — rather than whether you do it a certain way — it’s not surprising that well-intentioned demands for “bold” federal action on school improvement have a history of misfiring.”

Not surprisingly to those of us who are successful in life. We do better when we have a buy in to the system. That is why volunteer organizations charge you to be a part of them and Fraternities charge fees for friendship. If you have no personal buy in to the system you will just ignore it or at best put it low on your priority list.

The #1 reason public school is failing is because the government has told parents we don’t need your buy in to succeed. How do I know this? Ask any teacher about her parent conferences. The federal system takes decisions of education even farther away from the source. Thus crushing parental responsibility.

Beyond this list, the federal government is simply not well situated to make schools and teachers improve — no matter how much ambitious reformers wish it were otherwise. Under our system, dictates from Congress turn into gobbledygook as they travel from the Education Department to state education agencies and then to local school districts. Educators end up caught in a morass of prescriptions and prohibitions, bled of the initiative and energy that characterize effective schools.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Race to Nowhere

“Children are souls to be nurtured, not products to be measured” Leigh Bortins. Reminds us of how education used to be viewed. Today industrialized education system treats students as a product moving down a conveyor line. Ok someone add in the “math”, oh no that was missed, move that person to the “can’t do math” assembly line and throw in some extra reading. The Federal governments own studies show that out of a 1hr class only 15 minutes is actual “educating” time. Some easy math shows that if you educate the entire time, you can be done with school in 1.5 hours + the time to do homework. No wonder we are on a “race to nowhere”

New Movie talk about our public education as a “Race to nowhere.”
Abeles admits that she was initially the kind of mom who fretted when her daughter brought home a "B" on a test and who busily whisked her children from school to violin lessons to sporting events to provide them with extras she didn't have as a child. But that changed after she found one of her daughters doubled over with stomach pains while trying to pull an all-nighter doing homework.
Doctors said Shelby's stomach aches were stress-related. In the film, Abeles shows how her children and others across the United States are growing up trying to be great at everything so they can get into the best colleges.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Online Learning triples, is that good?

The Huffington Post had an article on online learning that I thought was interesting. Digital learning can give you access to the best teachers and opportunities that you may not have. I want to know if this is a case of opportunity or a case of meeting budgets. If it is meeting budget is this good because we are “advancing” our ability to learn or are we really offering a poorer education in an already poor education system? I’d argue the later. I believe a strong learner can use digital learning to actually make a subject their own. Someone who is not a strong and motivated learner will not succeed in learning the material. They may check off a box, but checking off boxes won’t help them when they are an adult looking to support themselves and/or a family.

Huffington Post