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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

QR Codes

What is this bar code? It is a QR (Quick Read) Code!

I recently read an article that said QR codes aren’t catching on, other than marketers and alleged the QR code was dying before it was ever accepted. I disagree, it is a new technology, it will take a while to catch on. Yes, there are potential issues with the codes, but I believe the main reason is that people still don’t understand them.

So what are QR codes? If you have a smart phone and an app to read the bar code you can get information on a product with a quick scan. A marketing person will create a link that the code represents and when you scan it your phone will go to that website or youtube video or contact information.

The main issue is that current phones camera does not function as a scanner. You have to have a free app. So the consumer has to take the initiative to download the scanner. Marketers have to provided quality information so that people will scan the information.

So what are some quality ways that QR codes are used? My company uses them to show product uses and sign people up for email list.

Food companies may send you to a recipe page or how they are using local produce. The Wounded Warrior project and Hines Ketchup have teamed up to promote donating to Wounded Warriors.

QR codes do have a future in marketing, but only if marketers use them correctly. Another way to make them more prevalent is if Phone companies build in scan ability into their cameras.

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