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Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Games

The NCAA presidents have officially gone off the deep end and betrayed all that used to be the collegiate drive – a good education. While K-12 public institutions have all but given up educating the next generation, we were able to claim the best higher education system in the world.

Of the 7 deadly sins four, Lust, Envy, Greed and Gluttony, have taken over the vision of Presidents and administration in the form of College Football. In a society where math has fallen on the way side, some of our best engineering institution in the Big 10, can’t even count to 12. While countless dollars are being spent on prestigious sports teams, tuition is being raised at an exceptional rate.

Now the NCAA has voted to give the players $2000 each in additional to free education ($120,000), free food ($20,000), free housing ($16,000) and free world class trainers (I have no idea because I still can’t afford it). The ACC, Pac-10 (who at least had the decency to change their name to reflect the team) had envy of the SEC and BIG-12 and lusted after the money they were receiving. So the greedily snapped up Miami, Virginia Tech and Boston College, who were more than happy to take more money and run. Since then the SEC, Big 10, Pac 10 and nearly every other conference has given in to those 4 deadly sins. Meanwhile coaches and ESPN gluttonously eat from the plate of money.

Meanwhile Businesses continually talk about not being able to find qualified employees to fill the nearly 1 million jobs available. It is ok though, we are being entertained. Even congress and the president have got into the NCAA debate. These moves remind me of the end of the Roman Empire and the gladiator games and the factions of gladiator schools who would bribe their way into better slot in the games. That the masses were entertained then they would not rebel.

College football is not the cause of our current condition; it is the lighthouse in the darkness. Screaming look, look at what is ahead of us. When higher institutes on learn will sell their soul for a few dollars. Should it surprise us that the people they educate do the same? College used to be about wisdom, virtue and honor. We can no longer say that. The only question is will we listen, or we will be blinded by the light that could save us?

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