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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Why Young Adults should support … for president

In 2008 now President Obama had a message that many of us could stand behind “We are the change we have been waiting for.” We were tired of a large government who didn't care about the little man, who was making it harder to live the American Dream.

Unfortunately the “we” he was talking about was larger government and less control by “we the people.” His policies have given our generation less control of our future, not more. Bailouts to billionaire companies, educational and economic policies have made it tougher for us to grab out boot straps and lift ourselves out of this mess. In 2012 we have the opportunity to get behind a candidate who believes "We" can be the change we are looking for.

A candidate who believes in liberty and that the individual can make a difference, not the government. We can’t be the change we are looking for if the rug is continually being wrenched from beneath our feet. We need the freedom to grow business and make a name for ourselves. This administration, and the previous, has made it harder for us to live the American dream our forefather sought so protect.
Europe has shown us that a centralized government who controls the people and their future does not work. America has started down the same path that is bankrupting Europe. We can still make America great, but we need a president who believe that we can and not Wall Street or the Federal Government.

The only candidate that I can see actually believes in we the people and has since the start is Ron Paul. He believes in us and the “We are the Change we have been waiting for.” He will give us the opportunity we need to make this country great. The rest of the candidates are only echoing his stances and have not been grounded in their beliefs like he has.

If we put our support behind Ron Paul with the same vigor many of us put behind Obama, who failed us, he can win the GOP nomination and put the country back on the right track.

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