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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

College cost rise, but who can afford it?

The previous posted article from the NY Times, talked about the rising cost of education and why the federal government needs to give more money to it. I shortly discussed why the Feds involvement in education loans actually has caused this rise.
Of course we need college, because you make more money (almost $1 million more) and those w/ College Education are still at an unemployment rate of 4.4% nationwide (compared to around 9% average).

So isn’t a college education important? Yes, but why? Because we made it that way, can’t we remake it? What if we started to value internships more? What if we rethink education? We can make college less expensive if we want, but we can’t let the Federal Government and Large Businesses dictate what those are. The Occupy movement points out our problems, but they have the wrong solution.

Education Becomes More Valuable

The Index showed that 25.8 percent of households headed by a non-high school graduate faced major economic setbacks, compared to only 15.8 percent of households headed by someone with a college education.

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