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Friday, July 6, 2012

Should we have a president intent on Gambling away our future?

President Obama has a new marketing strategy “Betting on America” and it is one that explains his first four years of policy. He bet on Solyndra, and on many other companies which have failed. He bet you would like what is in the Health Care bill and all we found was one of the largest tax increases in history. He bet you would forget he was going to close our torture facility next to Cuba. In fact the ACLU has recently come out against gambling because it exploits the poor. Obama bet that people won’t hold him accountable for 4 years of high unemployment, and overseeing an economy that saw the divide between the rich and poor rise. Although I’m not a fan of Mitt Romney, and am still holding out slight hope Dr. Paul will win in Tampa, at least Romney is not a gambling man. He is a business man. “Betting on America” at best gives us a 50/50 shot. I think America has a lot better shot than that, I’m not going to bet on America, I’m going to stand with Americans. Romney is a business man, and he knows that you don’t bet on projects like Solyndra, you don’t rush ready-made projects (how many of those have been started?). To get out of recession you need to build wealth, not squander it. Obama has gambles with our future for 4 years and what have we got to show for it? 15 Trillion or so in debt, 8+% unemployment and close to 20% underemployment. I don’t want a president who is going to bet on America. I want a president who is going to have a plan for America and that plan be let the people keep their money and do with it as they see fit. That is a plan that can renew American greatness.

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