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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

K12 Online Review - Government Cheese

As a young kid I was homeschooled and didn’t know about the terrible ways students bullied and teased each other in public school.  So I or my brothers were given an education after school hours with our neighborhood playmates.  One thing we learned about was “government cheese” which I think is what they called the government supplied lunch to the poor children.  It was implied that it was cheese that the private industry (rich) had forsaken and given to the poor.  It was spoiled.

I am not here to bully anyone, but let us look at K12 and what type of education that is actually giving your child, you will come to understand K12 is essentially taking Government Cheese and eating it at home.  It is still the same education, but at home.  This is tied to two ideas.  The first is it is cheaper for the government to get people to do the public school program at home.  So it is money driven.  The second thought is that class size has a large impact on education and that the child will be able to get 1 on 1 attention at home. 

The financial factor has nothing to do with the individual’s education, but with the budget of the state.  The class room size, is a big factor for a student, but if you are following the government schedule it is essentially having a chef prepare the government cheese for your child.  Sure it may look better and taste better, but it is still government cheese.

The good thing about K12 is it exposes the parent to what good food is and those who can teach them how to prepare it.  K12 is a stepping stone out of the government education system.  Those families are exposed to actual homeschoolers and those education programs that provide a banquet for the student.  It exposes those who have grown numb to the taste of modern state run education the exposure to the wonderful food available for those who leave the system.

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