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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Should Homeschoolers Vote for Ron Paul

A well respected, by me and the homeschooling community, homeschool defense lawyer. He recently wrote a piece on Ron Paul and how he was an enemy of the laws that let him help make homeschooling legal, mainly the 14th amendment versus the 10th amendment. Now he is a wonderful Lawyer and has much more legal knowledge then I and I believe he has thoughtfully contemplated the field, so it is important for me to think over what he has said and see what I believe. He has done as much for homeschooling in the US as anyone else, if not more.

He later clarified his original statement and stated that he doesn’t believe Ron Paul would do anything to hurt homeschooling as president and if he understood what he had to do to keep Homeschooling legal that Paul would likely rethinking his stance. So I respect him for clarifying his stance.

So my first questions would be to look worldwide who bans homeschooling in other countries? It is the national government. So this would lead me to think in a long term look the national government changing their position would potentially be a big issue.

I may be wrong, but I’d think that the Federal Lawyers, besides using the Commerce Clause, may be looking to the 14th amendment to make Obamacare Legal. If anyone can comment on that, if I’m wrong or not, that would be very helpful, and I would like to state that this paragraph is purely speculation at this point.

The next question I would have is would it not be better if the State protected our homeschooling rights? Should we not seek that now while it is legally safe and homeschool friendly legislators are in office? If the 10th amendment was given more precedence does anyone believe states would run to make homeschooling illegal? States save $5000-$10,000 for every student who homeschools and are fighting budget deficits. It is highly unlikely any legislators would attempt to pass these laws and if they tried it is highly unlikely they would pass. Would Ron Paul not help form other legislation to ensure the liberties of homeschoolers?

As the world gets smaller, the UN continues to play a major role in American legislation. Obama has given the UN even more power over the US, Mitt would likely continue to give our rights away. The UN is filled with countries that are against homeschooling. If our country continues down this path it is currently on it is likely the Federal government could be the greatest threat to homeschooling. So it is important to get the States to make sure it Homeschooling legality will always be maintained.

So I believe the Lawyer has a very good point, from where he is coming from,and I also believe that he is taking a super worst case scenario to attack Dr. Paul.

In the end I am still endorsing Ron Paul. He will make homeschooling legally stronger, not weaker as President. He is for personal liberty, that is his platform and to make a statement that he would do otherwise would go against everything Dr. Paul has ever fought for and if we know anything about the presidential race is that there is only one GOP candidate who stands for Liberty and who has done so without flip flopping and that is Ron Paul.

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