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Monday, July 11, 2011

The Reason for Tax Hikes in 2012 Budget

We need to raise taxes, that is right, I said it, but on everyone, not just the Rich. The main thing the need to go up on is businesses who are receiving unfair tax credits through pork project and behind door deals. These are typically called tax loop holes, they typically go to the wealthiest businesses with the most lobbyist.

The second reason we need to raise taxes is because we got ourselves into this mess, and so we need to get ourselves out of it. We owe much of this money to ourselves. It is time we start paying the piper.

We also need to lower spending significantly, bring out troops home, and provide stability for businesses. If you are in your mid 20’s you know that if we keep going the way we are going we won’t be able to use Social Security, because it won’t exist. If you think it is worth saving, lower our future financial problems now so that we as a society can prepare for it. We need to slowly up the retirement age by a few years, starting in 20 years adding 1 year to the retirement age and adding a year to that age every 10 years until we are in a stable financial condition. I know that this isn’t part of the “budget” but since we borrowed from this fund we will now have to pay it back. Guess who borrowed from it? Not my generation! Guess who is going to pay for it? ME!

We need to reform our entitlement programs to encourage getting off those programs, and make them shameful to be on.

Private sector businesses need to start competing with government programs and showing that is it possible to have capitalism work and we don’t need the government interfering with our lives.

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