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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

History is Homosexual

Should Race or Creed dictate our history studies?

I am not going to discuss if being homosexual is right or wrong, but rather this legislation will eventually turn into and that is the continued destruction of our public education system, a system that is already in rubbles.

A recent report shows that American’s are not good at History. Now California is going to add another hurdle to helping our children learn history, by glorifying the person’s sexual preferences. You will notice that the first Article is from Los Angeles, which I last checked was in California, yet where is the uproar? Should we not go back to the basics, should you not be judged by race or creed, History was made by ordinary men doing extraordinary things – and we have trouble teaching this basic concept.

If this passes in California, be sure it will eventually come to your state. I radically believe that people should be known for what they do, not because of their sexual orientation. I have friends that are homosexuals, and I don’t see them prancing about seeking to glorify it, no more than my straight friends. They are teachers, engineers, marketers and performers, and that is what they will tell you.
Will our history books be riddled with sexual identity? Booker T Washington, straight black man, was an author, orator, educator and political leader. We should be teaching facts and how history was shaped by events.

I urge you to write the California Governor, and all politicians to veto this bill or vote down similar bills. History is dependent upon it, as well as our future.

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