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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Who will put us in Chains?

Does either party have a presidential candiate that cares about you?  You decide.

Vice President Biden had a large gaff as he said Mitt Romney will, “put y’all back in chains,” when addressing a large crowd (at least large for the VP).  Then this week the DNC runs this ad: – stating that we “all belong to the government”.

Last I checked this was supposed to be a free country, but if the Democrats think we all belong to the government, I guess it should be no surprise they want to put us in chains – not the other way around.  At best they think they have the right to put us in chains.  Of course, and rightly so, the democrats will say this was taken out of context, just like “You didn’t build that” was taken out of context.  However, writers use words much more intentionally then the rest of us, these saying were written with a purpose. “You Didn’t Build That” was when Obama went off his teleprompter for once and spoke from his heart.

While the Democrats basically try and give this election away, the GOP must be having a ball and cruising to an easy win over an incumbent that has done nothing to better the American way of life – excluding his homebrew recipe.

Meanwhile in the GOP tent the grass roots supporters who were able to get elected against all odds were told they “are not needed and either need to toe the line or get out”.  Should the Tea Party vote for Romney?  Maybe, should they spend any recourse or time to do so?  I’d say no.  Time is better spent electing local leaders who believe in small government and congressmen that believe in small government.  The Virginia Tea Party seems to agree.

So we have Liberals unifying behind: You didn’t build that, you must buy this product or get fined, you all belong to the government and have no reference of God in their platform.  The GOP has kicked out their hardest working supporters.  In the end, we don’t know if either party want to be president over the next four years, and anyone who can see the financial cliff approaching understands why, and we already know who has won this November, lobbyist of big business.

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