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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

It isn’t over people. The MSM (Main Stream Media) for you folks that watch Fox, CNN or any other large network are being hood winked. It would be like ESPN giving you the yard a WR has caught and not the score. At the end of the Panther vs Lions games Steve Smith had 88 yards and Calvin Johnson had 130. So we are going to give the W to the Lions. That is all the MSM has been reporting this election cycle.
Who won Iowa? First it was Mitt Romney, then it was Santorum and the media said “what is we knew Santorum has won earlier?” Guess what? They got it wrong AGAIN – who won? Ron Paul won Iowa.
Who won Minnesota? It was a big win for Santorum, kept him in the race. Whoops who won Mn? Ron Paul won Mn. Missouri is a sweep for Santorum. What? This is like ESPN saying in Madden 2013 the New York Giants have won the Superbowl now we wonder what will 2014 bring us? The election wasn’t any more real than a video game. The likely winner of Missouri is going to be Ron Paul.
The same can be said in Nevada, Washington, Alaska, Colorado, maybe North Dakota and maybe Pennsylvania. What? Pennsylvania? You see in PA you vote for a candidate and you vote for a Delegate. Ron Paul voters all voted for the Ron Paul Delegates, but who did the other voters vote for? You don’t have who you are going to vote for next to your name. So it is still possible Ron Paul will win PA.
Don’t let the MSM fool you. You’re too smart for that. This race is far from over. We still have 1 Honest, Electable, Conservative, Christian left in this race – his name: Ron Paul.

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