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Monday, March 26, 2012

The (un)Reason Rally

The (Un)Reason Rally

You may have heard of the “Reason Rally” on Washington D.C. where the most steadfast of Atheist minds gathered to let America know that they are here and they want to promote their idea that there is no God and man is the highest form of life we know of. One look at their message and goal would show that they left off at least two letters from what could have been aptly named as the UnReason Rally.

Atheist believe in the most unreasonable of all belief: that two entities that were dead would create one living entity (evolution) and that this would then perpetrate itself thousands of times to get to where we are today. The current nature of biology would not allow such a path to exist. You could argue that there was a designed evolution, which I would not, but at least you could with a God you can argue evolution was a tool of God to get where we are today. The nature of biology is that two creature that are not alike can create another being. Except for similar species, horse and donkey create a mule, but two mules cannot mate. The Liger can mate with a Tiger or Lion, but not with another Liger. So the current state of science would tell us it is not possible for two separate species to perpetrate themselves around the globe.

So even if you were to argue that through random chance (very reasonable) that one life may come from something else, you would then have to argue that it would happen twice in the same area and produce two opposite sexes every time (again very reasonable).

Of course Athiest are not dumb, so they argue there were other factors, a gue or different forces of nature that forced the change and have since disappeared. This argument obviously leads to the counter point that if a change like this occurs how can you trust science? “Science is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe.” according to the all knowing Wikipedia. In order to argue for Evolution without God you can only do so by undermining the thing they claim to believe in, Science.

If the earth fundamentally changes with time (hence the mechanics for evolution) we must assume that the earth will change again. Therefore science can only explain what is happening right now and neither the past nor predict the future.

Science cannot give you Truth (capital T) only momentary insights into the current state of matter. These results may be momentarily accurate or accurate for a lifetime, but eventually they will change and when it does we will have to run the science experiments all over again to learn the new truth. Without God and Truth you cannot have science, if you believe in science but don’t think it points to a creator, you might as well believe that trees bend, but there is not wind.

As you can see it is clearly unreasonable not to believe in God.

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