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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Greece Bankruptcy should teach us something

The liberal left in Greece is protesting austerity measures in their country. Apparently they don’t understand that you can’t get something for nothing. The funny thing is that Greece’s bankruptcy is all but assured at this point. The can will be pushed down the road, 11 million people cannot pay of 582 billion in debt.

American’s are terrible at history, but perhaps if we cannot learn from the failure of the Roman Empire and the British Empire, than perhaps we can learn from history that is happening right now what will not work. You have to pay for what you get, and we have decided to out buy our means. It would make sense that the people who bought what they couldn’t afford to, have to pay it back. This means cutting social programs and cutting them now and leveling the tax field.

We can raise taxes to help cover expenses; however we need to raise them for everyone. About 40-50% of US citizens don’t pay federal taxes. If you aren’t paying into the system, but you are benefiting from the unsustainable debt loads, you have no motivation to change the system. It is not surprising the half of American’s want to raise taxes, because half don’t PAY TAXES, and expect to continue to NOT pay!

Did you know most Lottery winners become bankrupt? If you don’t have buy in to the process you won’t take it seriously and with responsibility. If you can give people millions and they waste it, how much more so the trillions we give the federal government to spend without any buy in to the process. President Obama recently joked that “shovel ready jobs” weren’t that ready. It wasn’t his money, he had no personal buy in. That is why private sector is the only one that can help America recover. Did you know that the shovel ready jobs that “weren’t that ready,” were slowed down even more by additional Government oversight? So we spent nearly a trillion dollars trying to create jobs on a federal level and then made laws that made it HARDER to do so. This is not a sustainable path, but one the current administration insist we go down.

We still have a chance to turn our country around, but we are going to need to do it now. Take responsibility and not leave the next generation, my generation, to deal with the problem created by the current group of adults. Maybe it is not fair that we have to pay for what we get, but it won’t ever change. So you might as well join the bandwagon.

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  1. The lesson we can and should learn from the Roman Empire is that empire building and overextending our military influence make things unsustainable at home. Greece is just the latest example of what happens when the upper crust decides to skim too much off the top, and then talks about "tough love" to the lower classes. A very select few control the cash flow of nations that far exceeds the total wealth of all the social programs.

    Remember that little line, "By the people, for the people?" To marginalize the lives of citizens to save a government is foolish. The French aristocracy learned the hard way where shunning social programs will get you.