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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Football and the American Education System

Forbes had a controversial article on "get football out of our university". Controversial because it is highly unlikely to ever happen. University Presidents believe it brings in too much money. I wouldn't know but while my beloved Clemson University cuts programs and funding it is busy building a $50 million dollar addition to our football stadium to court the talent of tomorrow, so the next 5 star stud will pick Clemson over our rivals. If you know any person that went to Clemson you know our blood runs orange and we could not ever think about our University without the most exciting 25 seconds in college sports.

Many student pick a college because they grew up rooting for their sports team. Kind of a silly reason to pick a school, where you are allegedly going to get an education.

I know a lot of parents who homeschool there children will then send them to the government system so they can "play sports", again don't you go to school for like school?

I have a neighbor who is a South Carolina fan, we were talking one day and he told me he didn't want his child going to SCar or Clemson, but to an Ivy league school. Needless to say I was impressed. This guy has money and is going to do what is necessary to make sure his child is well prepared for adult hood. I assumed he was going to send him to Hammond, my adopted highschool (I have about 12 friends that went there). Which is, all thing considered, an excellent private school. Boy was I wrong.

A few weeks later he explains that he wants to keep his boy in public school as long as possible because that is where the "best athletes are". Not sure, but short white kids don't end of being good at sports very often. Plus back to the whole reason you go to school thing, for school.

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