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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Census Cost?

Well this is kind of funny, and sad.

An article on Fox News talks about census cost going from projected 13 Billion from 8 Billion (only the government could overspend by this much).

Well if you check out their website they have a bunch of Census ads on their site. Now Why would they take Census ads on their site and why is the Census still spending out money on advertising after going this much over budget?

I don't blame the census group as much, I don't really expect them to behave. It the equivalent of not being surprised the school bully beat someone up.

I do blame FoxNews and any organization that is not taking Census money. It is our money they are spending to tell us about how they are spending it. In order for us to get back to financial stability in the US our businesses and citizens need to rejects government money and demand freedom.

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