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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Don't forget to Vote November 2nd

I follow politics, but I do not plan on endorsing any particular candidate. Here are links to some candidates that support home centered education. This by no means is a complete list. I would like you to learn about and definitely pray for them as you should do all candidates who will help shape our future.

Anthony Cannella running for State Senate in California.

Joe Budd is running for Congress in Florida's 19th district.

Kevin Lundberg is running for Senate in Colorado's 15th district.

Kevin Priola is running for Colorado state legislator house in district 30.

Dennis Richardson Oregon house of representative district 4.

Warren Daniel running for North Carolina senate for Burke and Caldwell counties.

John Ekberg Winnebago County Board Commissioner.


Bryan Simonaire running for Maryland
State Senator in district 31.

Dean Poirier who is running for NC Court of Appeals.
His wife, DeAnn Poirier is running for District 21 NC House.

David Casas Georgia State Representative.

Wendy Tucker running for School Trustee in Anderson, SC District One.

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