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Monday, September 20, 2010

College Transition

I was home educated my entire life. As the oldest of 4 boys I can safely say that I was the Lab Rat. My younger brothers are receiving a higher quality education than I ever received. I am not worried about them going into college or the real world, and neither should you worry about your child because if I did it, then so can your student.

In college you have to study on your own, you have to make yourself go to class; you have to know how to read a text book and study. All of these skills are better learned at home than in a modern school setting. So being prepared for the college academic experience is not the issue people must worry about.

I believe the question must refer to home schooling socialization. I had no trouble making friends, sure I didn’t know all the in and outs of making fun of people and how to act at the big frat party right away, but is that true and good socialization? This was probably due to how I was raised and that I wasn’t at the high school parties and I enjoyed building up my friends. I also believe that my personality is just that, my personality. When you come from a different background people assume that is why you act how you do. You are home schooled people assume that your quirks are because of that. I can safely say that neither I nor any of the home school students I know that went to college had any issues making friends or acting socialized. Typically I was asked why I behaved so well.

I never once had a person ask if I was home schooled, so I must have fit in well. Personally I probably fit in too well. Which is another concern of parents, will my children continue to follow the values that I lay forth. According to Research done by Dr. Brian Ray ( 94% strongly agreed or agreed to the statement, “My religious beliefs are basically the same as those of my parents.” Contrast this to information found on “After your kids spend 12 years in public schools, there is a 70% chance that when they leave home, that they will quit going to church.” So if your goal as a parent is to raise your child to love God, then home schooling is clearly beneficial.


  1. I really don't think you can underestimate or minimalize the power of adolescent peer socialization. It's not just about making friends, but truly understanding dynamic relationships, which is not something that can really be taught, only experienced. Being home schooled is almost tantamount to being raised in a very small town where everyone is very monochromatic, not just in race and culture, but also in ideologies. How can you know something that you didn't know you didn't know? Usually, that comes in the form of some external influence or catalyst (be it a peer or something you saw/read). Home schooling makes you virtually impervious to this.

  2. Peer socialization is not a good way for a child to learn about socialization. A child needs to be modeled the proper behavior. If a child learns from an adult and other people who are already mature they will be socialized much faster than one who is only learning from other immature children.

    socialization so·cial·i·za·tion (sō'shə-lĭ-zā'shən)
    The process of learning interpersonal and interactional skills that are in conformity with the values of one's society.